Missing the taste of fresh, seasonal seafood right here in Vermont? Look no further. Bobber's fleet of food trucks are your ticket to the sea. Sustainably harvested, off-the-boat fresh, with a chefy twist.

So... WHERE'S BOB now?


Where's Bobbers?

Bobbers gets around, and his food trucks are sometimes two places at once. Find out where his staple trucks are this week. 


Menu Staples—


The Perfect Lobster Roll

You won't find any mayo at this cart. Butter, herbs, and fresh-to-death lobster meat.


Squid Roll

Fresh caught Atlantic Calamari, grilled, not fried, with fresh local veggies and herbs.


Tastee Creemees

Available on our flagship food truck, these old school Creemees feature REAL MILK and Vermont maple.




Scallop Sliders

Unless you've been scalloping off the coast of the frigid Atlantic, you haven't tasted scallops like these.


Hand Rolled Sushi

Sustainably harvested sushi? Can't find that anywhere else in Vermont. Fresh caught, true to breed.


Cranberry Spritzer

Did you know that BOBBERS is also CRANBERRY BOB? True story. These fresh pressed spritzers are made from the Fletcher, Vermont cranberries.


Home Base

Fletcher, Vt